noiembrie 20, 2022
Statie Radio Baofeng BF-888S UHF
noiembrie 20, 2022

Statie Radio Baofeng GT-5 VHF/UHF

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  • The Baofeng GT-5 VHF/UHF transmitter is a handheld radio station popular especially among radio amateurs and airsoft players. The transmitter has a transmission power of 5W, an LCD display with backlight in three colors, 128 preset channels, setting and saving of channel names, frequency range of 144-148MHz and 420-450MHz, a range of up to 10km and a long-lasting 2000 mAh battery of up to 24 hours in standby mode and 4 hours in full operating mode. The transmitter has the option of connecting headphones, a low battery indicator, an FM radio (85.0MHz-108.0MHz) with the possibility of storing 25 stations and an SOS alarm.

    The transmitter has the following functions:

    • CTCSS (Continuos tone coded squelch system) ignoring unwanted calls from other people on the same frequency.
    • VOX (voice-operated-transmission) automatic transmission upon voice detection, which eliminates the need to use PTT (push-to-talk).
    • BCL (Busy channel lock-out) blocking the transmission of a signal on a busy channel.
    • TOT (time out timer) setting the time after which the broadcast is automatically interrupted.
    • Automatic saving mode. After 12 seconds of channel inactivity, the radio goes into power saving mode and checks the channel at an interval that can be set using the programming software.

    Package dimensions: 21 x 18 x 6.5 cm

    Package contents:
    1x Baofeng GT-5 transmitter
    1x charging station
    1x battery
    1x antenna
    1x handset
    1x loop
    1x belt clip
    1x instruction




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